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Gamer 2 Gamer Interviews

Gamer 2 Gamer Present Exclusive interview with +Josef Aaron Eco

So would you please tell us a bit about yourself? Maybe add your playstation name aswell?

> My name is Joe Eco and my psn id is: joextwo. I'm 27 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia where I work in the hospitality industry as a club manager. I'm an avid reader in anything fantasy and horror, I enjoy drawing from time to time and I game whenever possible.

So how long have you been gaming, what console did you first play and what game?

> My grandparents (who raised me overseas my first couple of years) bought me a Famicom when I was really young. That'd have to be the first console I've ever played. As to the game though, I can't honestly recall which one I played first. There were so many cartridges to choose from. Possible candidates would include Super Mario, Star Force, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman (with Michael Keaton) just to name a few.

So whats your playstation Trophy score? how long it take you to get where you are?

> I'm Level 13 with a total of 1601 trophies. 1297 Bronze, 265 Silver, 39 Gold and absolutely no Platinums (my secret shame lol). It's taken me probaby 7 - 8 years to get where I am.

So I know you have been busy playing playstation, so please tell your opinion on the difference between PS3 and PS4?

> Well I just bought the PS4 yesterday so it might still be a little too early to have taken in all of the differences between machines, but from face value? The graphics are certainly better. Infamous: Second Son (the only PS4 game I have right now) looks absolutely stunning on my tv, and the first time I popped it in I was blown away by every crease and line on every forehead I saw.

The Dualshock 4 is very very nice. Because of the touchpad and the controller light, the DS4 feels slightly heavier than the DS3, but the weight is centered so it feels like you're actually holding something of value. Where the DS3 was so light that you almost forgot you were holding it until you threw it at the TV screen in a fit of rage, the extra weight in the DS4 reminds you that it is in fact, expensive to replace.
The big difference between Dualshocks for me though would have to be the DS4's light and speaker. I'm not entirely convinced that these things are absolutely necessary but then again it's still really early in the game (excuse the pun) and I'm sure that they'll work towards something somewhere down the line.

The big changes when it comes to features as far as I'm concerned are primarily the lack of Playstation Home and external hard drive playability. I liked Home. And I watch movies and tv shows from my flash drive all the time. Regardless, I'm confident that Sony will address these issues in the future. My advice to new PS4 owners who used their PS3's as media centres would be "hang on to those PS3s".

The main difference for me though is that every PS4 owner is required to subscribe to Playstation Plus to play online. Not necessarily to go online, but if you're into multiplayer with no readily available friends to couch co-op with (like me) you'll have to pay for the privilege (not including season passes). Not to mention that most of the games now and most that are still being developed, seem to be geared towards online play. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but the extra $60+ (aud) I had to fork over when I bought a one-year subscription, on top of the $500+ (aud) I spent on the actual console might turn off other potential PS4 gamers who, for example, only had a certain amount of money to spend. Just remember that as a Playstation Plus member you will get free games and some crazy discounts if you choose to invest.

Any new features you want to see on your new console?

> I'd like them to include external hard drive playability, Playstation Home and a Youtube app personally. Plus, and I maybe wrong about this, but I have yet to find a way to customise my Playstation 4 home screen, so the ability to use themes again would be awesome

On PS4, have you been playing games, maybe have a few favourites?

> All I have to play on the PS4 right now is Infamous: Second Son, which I'm really enjoying. I'm holding out for Watch Dogs, The Witcher and Dragon Age: Inquisition though.

How many Hours do you put into gaming a week?

> Honestly it depends of whether or not I have work or other plans. Sometimes I'll play an entire day every day for three days straight and then other times I won't play for an entire week. It also depends on whether or not I really like the game I'm playing at the time.

So if you could be a character out of a game, who would you be and why?

> It kind of seems like this is going to be a missed comedic opportunity for me lol, but I honestly wouldn't know how to answer. If I had to pick someone off the top of my head I think I would have to be Nathan Drake. He gets to be with Elena and Chloe. He's got Sully to back him up. He's super funny, good at climbing, and gets to travel all over the world . Plus on top of that, if I was Nathan Drake I'd sound like Nolan North. Can't lose!
So last question, do you like getting Updates from me about Games? and what could I do to improve my service, maybe with competition?

>No, I wouldn't mind getting updates.

I don't really have any suggestions regarding your services as of right now, but I did enjoy the questionnaire.

>Competition? As in ... an arm wrestling competition?
Oh! A competition! Lol I think that that would be a great idea! Some sort of Multi-platform game trivia? Maybe player reviews for a game of your choosing? I don't know man, I'm terrible at suggestions.

Oh hey, if you play online ps3 or ps4, feel free to add me: joextwo


Joe Eco

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