Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blacklight: Retribution Gets Full Release

Back in November, the Blacklight: Retribution beta was one of the Playstation 4 launch titles. Seven months on, developer Zombie Studios has decided that the game is ready to leave beta and step into the world of full release.

When the game makes the leap from beta, players will be able to enjoy a range of new gameplay features. There will be two new PvP maps: Outpost and Trench. While Outpost is a smaller map that leads to high intensity combat, Trench is a larger map. Three more maps will also become available for the co-op PvE mode; these are DeathMetal, Lockdown, and Terminus. You can check out the new Outpost map below:

The Compound Bow is a new weapon that will be available, while the game will also offer an improved aiming mechanic and controls. Player feedback has also resulted in the implementation of better game performance and higher frame rates. Finally, players who choose to stream their Onslaught matches will be able to interact with their viewers. Those viewers can vote on player mods that can change the experience of the player in both a positive and negative manner. Producer Kael Hammond said:

We did a lot of work during Beta to improve the overall user experience, from improving in-game performance across the board, to overhauling our entire menu system, improving our matchmaking and adding new features. The end result is a vastly improved game experience that we believe all Blacklight players – from longtime fans to new users – will find vastly more fun, enjoyable and accessible.

The game will come out of beta tomorrow, June 24th.


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