Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blacklight: Retribution PS Plus Starter Pack

Having been in the swing of things since November with the Beta,Blacklight: Retribution will be coming out tomorrow as a full release; this release features new maps, a new weapon, and new streaming capabilities.

Along with this news, there is the reveal of the Starter Pack exclusive to PlayStation Plus members. This pack includes the Burstfire SMG, a Revival Injector, and 250 ZCoins ready to spend in the Store. Zombie Studios has also revealed that 20 Trophies will be included in the full release of the game, with a portion already revealed. They don't sound particularly easy either!

Who Needs Friends?: Earned by completing 20 matches of Deathmatch.
Toasty: Earned by killing 10 Hardsuits with a Flamethrower.
Breadwinner: Get this one by earning 50,000 GP.
This Is My Rifle: Add this to your shelf by fully customizing a primary weapon.

ZCoins purchased by Beta players will be refunded during the week of the full release into their accounts, along with stats, progress, and earned items.



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