Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Competition Time (UK ONLY)

So im Giving away 1×£5 Microsoft points and 1×£5 PSN points.

So the mission is to Promote Gamer 2 Gamer via Google+, Twitter and just really help me achieve 1000 members.
Invite your friends and repost the Community. 

Also comment on post with whats points you want. Example Your name (Xbox)

When I get 1000 members I'll Pick two winner's for 1×Xbox 1×Playstation

Enjoy the mission


  1. Oh yaaaaaaaa got to try and win

  2. What happens to those outside the UK? Can they use that? If it does I would go for PSN. Keep up the good work man and thank you for everything here.

    1. Good, point need to check codes work. they must do, because people share there spare trial codes