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Interveiw with Michael Saunier

Welcome to another Episode of
Gamer 2 Gamer, Im talking today with and Xbox Owner.

> 1: Please tell us abit about yourself?

My name is Michael Saunier and I'm 33 years old and live on the east coast. Obviously I love video games but my other interests include: horror movies, samurai movies, godzilla and kaiju monsters, Japanese style tattoos, star wars, mixed martial arts, vespa scooters, cocktail mixology, and beer. I also have a wife and 2 year old son

> 2: So who long have you been gaming, what console did you first play and what game?
I've been playing video games since I was about 5 years old and my older sister bought a crappy Aquarius computer from a flea market for a couple dollars that hooked up to our tv. It was just BASIC terminal but it had a couple game cartridges with the most memorable one being Astrosmash. It was a really blocky Galaga style game.

My first true console was when I received an Atari 7800 in second grade. Searching for my hidden birthday gifts was always fun  but finding that wrapped box under my pillow remains one of my greatest childhood memories. I think my first game was Dr J vs Larry bird which was a one on one basketball game that my dad and I played endless grudge matches in.

> 3: I understand you play Xbox360 and Xbox One, so how long have you been playing Xbox and Whats your Gamer score like and do you like getting achievements?
I played the original xbox a ton when my friend and I in college would play the Halo campaign in co-op but I didn't follow games and care as much as I do now. I got a 360 around the time left 4 dead came out and started to really pay attention to gaming news and keep up with the industry. My gamerscore is only about 18,400 which isn't very impressive since I'm not the type to hunt achievements specifically but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that satisfying ding when you unlock am achievement. In fact, I use that sound as a notification on my mobile phone

> 4: So I Know Xbox One is a great console and is a big improvement from last gen, do you think you will play more Xbox ONe over time or still play more 360?

Ever since the midnight release of Xbox one I haven't spent any significant time with my 360. I've played a little gta online and revisited the original bioshock in the meantime but since my game time is limited I prefer to play my more recent, current gen games.

> 5: Any new features you want to see added to the both Xbox's and are you happy with all the free Games like World of Tanks for example.
I must say I'm very impressed with the frequency and content of the monthly updates we're seeing to the xbox one compared to the twice a year updates we had for the 360. I would say my biggest request right now would be a more robust social network that allows us to comment on game dvr clips and share content directly to friends. For instance if I watch a trailer or see a game on sale I would like to share that you a friend who may not already be aware. My other big wish is for the return of the family sharing system in some form. 

> 6: So What games you been playing most, any favourites and is there any games your wanting for?
I've played titanfall exclusively since it's release until the end of may when watch dogs came out. That was the first multiplayer fps that I actually put time into and I ended up in the top few players almost every round which felt great. I always admired gamers who could play well in games like battlefield and call of duty and for once I felt like I was competent as well. Lately though I've been putting all my time into watch dogs and my plan is to finish the main campaign of that before the release of destiny add well add finishing the last few chapters I have remaining in Ryse as well as starting and finishing Child of Light which I bought the other day. If I get those games out of my queue I can start destiny with a clear slate.

This has been such a giant year for games and there are just so many quality releases on the horizon. I have preorders for evolve, destiny, the crew, AC unity, Halo collection, and Sunset overdrive right now and I may pick up alien isolation too. Out of that list I think I'm most excited for Sunset overdrive. After almost a year with no news after their e3 2013 reveal and then seeing the gameplay and traversal mechanics I was just blown away. I'm so psyched for it that I took off work the Friday after the release so I can spend a lot of time with it.  All me again in a few hours and I may answer alien isolation :)

> 7: How many Hours a week do you put into gaming and do you prefer to playing Single player or Online more?
Unfortunately I don't get to play games nearly as much as I would like. With a toddler and family I only get to play about an hour per day before they get home and I have to switch into dad mode. I can play on weekend nights though so after my family goes to sleep it's usually time for an energy drink and a couple hours of game time. I've typically been a single player gamer but I'm definitely moving more towards online, multiplayer modes in the last year or so. Developers are making really compelling experiences lately involving online, co-op, etc. and they no longer feel tacked on to the main single player mode. Another reason I'm moving towards online play is the friends I've met through communities in Google+.

> 8: So if you could be a character out of a game, who would you be and why?
Wow, that's a tough question. I've always thought ninja/assassin characters were really cool so I'd probably pick Ryu Hayabusa from ninja Gaiden or maybe Sam Fisher from splinter cell. Growing up I always wanted to be a Ninja and I used to get Ninja magazine, beg my dad for a ninja outfit from the local cutlery store, run around with padded nunchuckas, and look through martial arts supply catalogs. There is just something so cool to me about ninjas creeping around unseen with silent weapons and agile movements

> 9: What sort of Gamer do you think you are....
I would probably classify myself as a hardcore gamer. While I may not put in a ton of hours I am really up to date on gaming news from constantly reviewing communities like Gamer 2 Gamer, the xbox community on Google+, and sites like Machinima, kotaku, ign, polygon, and game informer. I also keep up to date with weekly Google alerts for many games that caught my eye. One day that alert for D4 for xbox one is going to bear fruit

> 10: So last question, do you like getting Updates from me about Games and from the Growing Gamer 2 Gamer Community?
I love any and all updates :)  any news is good news.

Thank you Michael Saunier for being this weeks Gamer 2 Gamer.

I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you wish to be next weeks Gamer

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