Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Interview with Moderator Arthur Davis 2.0

1: So Arthur, would you give us a updated information on what you been up to?

-Trying to game as much as possible and to experience as many gamers as possible.

2: So hows the Gaming going, we've seen some nice pictures of your Gaming pad. Think you will add any new features?

-Oh my, I think I need to stop spending money before I lose my wife lol. No seriously, I have been looking at some decor to add that's not electronic. It's come together big time! I'll be showing off really soon.

3: So your Gamerscore and Trophies must be racking up. Do you enjoy getting them?

-Ha, well I'm a person that likes to bounce around a bit from game to game, so it usually takes me a while to finish games. So trophy hunting is something I really don't pay attention to, but its something I may change.

4: So we all know you've been playing all three console, but could you tell us the best game you've played on each?

-MK8 on Wii U by far! BF4/Need for Speed on PS4, Forza 5/TF/DR3 on X1. No particular favorite of them all. My most favorite game is the TechmoBowl series.....

5: Any new features you want to see on your new consoles?

-Great question. Actually XB1 just answered my want with the external HD that you can take to a friend's house and play all my games without having to take physical discs.

6: Tell us abit about the controllers, any favourite's, or would you change certain things?

-Add touchpad of Dual Shock 4 to the X1 controller and I would have the perfect controller.

7: Still putting the hours in throughout the week?

-Everyday. Most people don't know that I'm a stay at home father......(Yeah I know right)!

8: Do you like GAMER 2 GAMER blog and new Name (EVOLVED)

-Love it!

9: Whats the best best Game you've played ever?

-Damn son, this is tough. Super Techmo Bowl!!!!!! Fucking will play this game as long as my Nintendo works got Damn it. Get Christian Okoye on excellent, look out Lollllll. Only game I could literally get 1000 rushing yards in one game with Barry Sanders Lollllll. Love this game. (Bring it back Nintendo)!

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