Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Trivia Tuesday


Answers for example like Q5 D


Q1: Who is the fastest character from these Games?

A: Mario
B: Sonic
C: Donkey Kong
D: The Paperboy

Q2: In Halo, What is the Name of Master Chiefs AI sidekick?

A: Arbiter
B: 343 Guilty Spark
C: Cortana

Q3: Tails is a Character from witch game?

A: Mario Kart
D: Diddy Kong Racing
C: Sonic
D: Final Fantasy

Q4: What is the Name of Chris Redfeilds sister in Resident Evil?

A: Clair
B: Samantha
C: Stephanie
D: Alice

Q5: Street Fighter was first Released in what year?

A: 1986
B: 1987
C: 1989
D: 1990


  1. Q1: B.
    Q2: Never played Halo because I don't own an Xbox... so I just guess here: A?
    Q3: C.
    Q4: B, not a big fan of RE but oh well. Can't like everything, huh? ;)
    Q5: B

    Okay so I did not use Google for any of those questions, hope at least three are right.

  2. #1 B
    #2 C Because recently MS unveiled their windows mobile Siri clone with the same name.
    #3 C
    #4 D I was going to say A
    #5 A but I thought it was older than '86

    no google