Monday, 14 July 2014



Name: Fruit Fumble

Platform: Mobile and Tablet (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Description: The first game for BETA Mondays and we will start off with a smaller mobile game from us. The game is a puzzle/matching game and currently has 50 levels to play through, plus a survival mode. You can play this game within your browser, on desktop or mobile/tablet devices, best played on mobile within Safari and Chrome. What we want from you guys at Gamer2Gamer, well, being the first game for BETA mondays, we wanted to keep it simple with a fairly simple game to get this featuring moving. So we want your honest opinions, do you love it or do you hate it? Found any bugs, if so, where? Got some ideas how you think this could play better, look better, be more fun? Just tell us exactly what you think, we can't wait to hear it!



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