Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Call of Duty Ghosts Review

Review by KingWhybrow
XboxOne vs Xbox360

Players Xbox 1-2 Xboxlive 2-18

Co-op 2 Xboxlive 2-6

Makers are Infinity ward and Activision

So welcome to my Review and opinion on Call of Duty Ghosts. We im going to start off with the fact I wasn't even going to pick this game up at all. I used to be a big FAN of the franchise. 

I used to owner of TWC on MLG back in the day. Im still holding on to that we finished 15th on the UK ladder boards. I then found my Self steering away from the game because it lost it way and become to stupid for my liking. 

So lets start with the fact I borrowed my brothers copy of Ghosts on the xbox360. I thought I would try it for free and not spend a Dime. I went straifht straight online, where I found my self running around very slowly.  Why's this? im tring to run by my character isn't fit enough apparently lol. So im shooting at some guys and trying to run through a door but dont make it in time. 
I like the fact you can customise your character and play around with your call cards still. Skins for for guns and also pretty cool.

Mehhhh ok let's try out Extinction,  Wow already feeling it. What a breath of fresh air from Zombies. I've never been a lover or Zombies. Single player and Multiplayer for me. So im digging a few holes and some crazy ass aliens are coming at me. Funny and quite entertaining. I think I will be looking forward to the DLC side of this. The DLC brings a story to Extinction.  Looks stunning to me. Can't wait to purchase that.

The XboxOne version of this game feels and runs a lot smoother to last gen. I'm really am happy I finally bought my own copy on XboxOne.

Story to this game is really good, really enjoying the fact it takes the franchise back to its routes and gives you a story you want to keep picking up time after time.

So overall im really happy with it considering I left Call of Duty for BF3. Reason I came back is because BF4 is still KO'ed. This isnt the best Call of Duty but I has some features that are pulling me back.

So om going to give the game:

Single player 9/10

Multiplayer 8/10

Extinction 9/10

Thanks for my reading my opinion of the Game.

The Last Of Us will be next week.

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  1. I prefer Battlefield 3 but yeah from time to time I pick up ghosts and I'm waiting till next Gen to get a copy of battlefield 4. Agree with review 100%