Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mini Miner

Description - Week two of BETA Monday's and after our first week, we can't wait! This week we have another casual game that we want you guys to test out and share your thoughts on. The game is 'Mini Miner', our plans are to release this cross-platform, so playable on desktop and mobile browsers and also as an native app, but for this BETA, the game is only playable on desktop browsers. What we would like from you guys this week is really your honest thoughts on the gameplay. right now, we haven't got to much in their, but have tons of ideas, but we want to see how this basic gameplay goes down with you guys before we add more into it. So we are really looking forward to your comments, thoughts, ideas and more, so fire away!

P.S. Feedback from last weeks BETA Monday we are working on. All who commented will be credited in the game and we are hoping at the end of the month to show an update build for another round of testing!


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