Tuesday, 29 July 2014

PS4 Update 1.75 Bringing 3D Blu-Ray Support

Because it sucks if your TV supports it and your player doesn't

Written by ExtremePhobia  yesterday at 18:36

There's been one thing lacking from the PS4's Blu-ray support and that's been 3D. With 3D support being one of the major benefits of those huge disk spaces, it's been a sore spot for many PS4 owners that their new fangled console can't do all of the wizardry that it should. Thankfully, Sony has announced via twitter that this will be rectified in short order.

PS4 system software update 1.75 adds 3D Blu-ray film support. Woo-hoo!As this appears to be a small update, I wouldn't expect much else except for this and perhaps some simple stability patching. Get your glasses handy and your TV sharpened, so you can get back to watchingThe LEGO Movie in full 3D later this week.

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