Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Last Of Us with Kingwhybrow

Another Review by myself

Game Description:

The Last Of Us PS3 Version


Only on Playstation by NAUGHTY DOG

Single player (1 player)
Network Players (2-8)

So lets get to this game, well what can I say.......its lives up to its name. I've heard sooo much about that game. How everyone was raving about how it looks and plays.

So I thought I would buy a copy finally, I jumped straight in to single player. I was straight away amazed by the movie like experience.  I could believe how much you can do and interact with objects. After I look around upstairs for my father.....because your playing as the girl at this point. I've found the stairs so im wallking down and find the office or study.  Now the games kicking in with Joel coming in the house all heated up with some strange event happing all over the world.

Im now getting into this game and loving how addictive it is. So now ive got to get out........what is going on???. I'm like wow......lets get in the car and drive.

So im gonna say im only up to the bit when its just me and Elli now because my friend just died. We were supposed to drop elli off. I kinda guessed what was gonna happen.

So playing the single really wants me to carry on but I dont want to rush a stunning cinematic game.

Mutiplayer is off the chain, really enjoy it and it plays very really well. Theres no lag or problems so far. Loving the Trophies along the way. I think the way you customise your character from cloths to guns is fun. Then there's like your own village you look after via mutiplayer by doing challenges.  If you dont do them, you will lose people in your group. I found out the HARD WAY!!. LOL.

So overall im gonna give my Game experience so far 8/10 and I havnt even finished it!!. Wow what a game.

Hope you guys like my Reviews/opinions on my games.

Catch ya soon, keep gaming. Thanks for the support. 

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