Saturday, 5 July 2014

Trials Fusion Riders of the Rustlands DLC Detailed

Prepare for new tracks and challenges

Written by ErgoMeSmart yesterday at 19:53

Ubisoft has announced the first piece of DLC for Trials Fusion, titled "Riders of the Rustlands". This pack will provide players with five new trophies to unlock and ten new tracks to master, six of which are 'classic' Trials tracks, each with their own set of three challenges to complete. Track creators will also find themselves with dozens of new editor objects available to use, including sets of computer mainframes and wooden ramps.

These new tracks take place in an abandoned industrial wasteland called the 'Rustlands', featuring groups of scraggly bikers not fit to roam in the gleaming city featured in the main game. Whilst these riders may have to scavenge for motorcycle parts, they're able to pull off tricks just as good as anyone else.

Ubisoft has also released some screenshots to go along with the announcement of this DLC:

The "Riders of the Rustlands" DLC for Trials Fusion will release on July 29th and will be available for free for those who own the Season Pass, or for $4.99 (or your pricing equivalent) for those who do not own the season pass.

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