Wednesday, 20 August 2014

MGS4 Review


1 Player

Network 2-16 (Patched and Shutdown)

So this game is all about a Lengendary Soldier on a Final Mission. The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Lets start off with this game what I nearly missed out on. I have plqyed every MGS game on all the consoles. I just never picked this up. The reason why is Ive seen and my mates play it over and over again and thought that I knew it of by heart.

I was WRONG. .......this games takes you back to how I used to love playing the MSG series.  But dont forget you have to download this biggest updates before you play any game on PS3. After the update im playing the game and confronted with some pretty COOL cinematic video. The game set you up with that Holloywood-like visuals,  blockbuster effects and stunning sound effects. These really pushed the PS3 to its limits.

The starts you off in the Middle East not too far in the distance future.  On a battlefield where war has become the new thing.  Your on a mission to stop Liquid Snake from going through with his insurrection. 

So ive got quite far I think into the MGS game, just about to fight the first Boss,.......she looks very evil in every way.

The game itself plays amazing fast and feels great. Theirs no glitches from what I can see, sound quality is off the chain. I love hearing the different boss voices and the way the game handles all the noises at once. I love the new Camo ssystem what they seem to of improved on since Snake Eater.  Even though there different. Gun seem more powerful and love the attachment mechanics. Great feel so far. 

Really can't wait to see how this turns out......could it even be the beat MGS ive ever played???. Let along the fact there's a great battle between Vamp and Raidan.
Also yhe game does bring back alot of familiar faces what really help to bring back them treasured memories.

So overall im chipping away at this game, shame I missed out on a great Multiplayer side of it. Server's shut down a while ago, but im gonna give the 8 so far on what ive seen a 8/10 till I finish it. I hope it will get a 10/10 because I lve all the games in the series. 

Keep gaming and hope you enjoyed. 

Playstation name: whybrow_101


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