Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Review of Pokemon Yellow

Remember the good old days.........? POK'eMON was the craze and Everyone had to have the cards and the game. We all wanted to be the kid with the level 100 Zapdos and Mew .

So I thought I would bring back the memories and play POK'eMON Yellow. After all I was playing POK'eMON Blue last thursday for #TBT.
So I thought I might as well play it on my Original GAMEBOY.

Lets get started, your a young kid called Ash Ketchum, was is a awesome name by the way. You start off in your own house with ya mum telling you about how you have to leave soon and stuff like like old. Then remember you have to go to your PC in the room and get your first Potion.  REMEMBER THEM!!! they saved my life alot. Good time's.
So back to the reveiw, you have to leave the house and go on your Quest.

So do you guys rember the firat time you see PIKACHU???, I do. You get stopped by the PROF. OAK and he battles the wild PIKACHU. Im like your mine PIKACHU. 

So long story short he wins, I go on my quest of greatness,  PIKACHU follows me around, this i thought was a great addition to the game, blue and red didn't have that feature. 

The Gym leaders where fun and I did manage to get all the POK'eMON via two copys of the game. The game had great reply quality, you could play m8 via that lead you had to buy separately.  Another good time back in the day.
seriously I must of completed this game over 10 time's,  it was a must buy as a kid and still is to this day.

So get tour copy out and play it. Boss battles were hard and funny at points. Everyone wants to collect all POK'eMON.

I give this game 10/10 because it made my childhood and its POK'eMON. Best Nintendo game EVER!!!!

Keep Gaming and Enjoy GAMER2GAMER:EVOLVED

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