Wednesday, 6 August 2014


In a notice released today, Sony Computer Entertainment said that it will end support for Playstation Mobile on Android devices.

The service, which allowed users to purchase and play games, will continue to exist, and those who use a Playstation certified Android device running OS 4.4.2 will be able to use the application with no issues. Users who decide to upgrade to OS 4.4.3 or later may begin to encounter errors, such as not being able to access the store. According to a FAQfound in the notice, the upcoming Android L OS won't have any access to the store.

A firm reason for the end of support was not given, however SCE notes that it's looking to focus efforts on the Playstation Vita ecosystem. Last week Sony released update 1.75 for the PS4 which added, among other things, 3D Blu-Ray playback for the console.

Sourced Via IGN

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