Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Falling Skies Details Revealed

Earlier this year, Little Orbit confirmed they were working on Falling Skies, a video game version of the TV show of the same name. At that time, they also provided several details about the game, and then later supplied a first glimpse of gameplay via a trailer.

Today we have new details regarding Falling Skies' gameplay modes. While it seemed pretty obvious from the gameplay that tactical combat would be involved, players will also have to sink time into Resource Management if they want to be successful. Resource Management occurs between missions and tasks the player with "customizing units, obtaining new recruits, visiting wounded allies, and paying respects to fallen comrades." Players can also use this time to upgrade the base itself, which will lead to distinct advantages during the game's missions.

In the Tactical Combat gameplay mode of Falling Skies, the player has to control each member of their squad in turn. Each unit is assigned action points, and it is up to the player to use these points, which are assigned to tasks such as "moving, shooting, using abilities or items, and reloading," so that they can effectively take down their foes and complete mission objectives.

Falling Skies is currently slated for a Fall release on the Xbox 360, but no further details are currently known.

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