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IMC Rising Maps Detailed in Titanfall

It's a (Sand) Trap!

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Having already covered the Backwater and Zone 18 maps forTitanfall's upcoming "IMC Rising" map pack, it's high time we give some focus to the third map to be packed in, Sand Trap.

Designer Chris "Soupy" Dionne says that one of the main goals with Sand Trap was to use old ideas in new ways. The center of the map was inspired by the buried architecture on the Fracture map. This style allows the Pilots to run around underneath while Titans lord over the top. The deep trenches feature on the map also allow for wall running like on the Rise map. While the Titans can "dominate on the dunes" and the Pilots can roam the trench network, there is the constant danger as the trenches have an open bottom that drops into an instant death.

Another goal for each new map is to present interesting scenarios across each of the game's modes. In "Last Titan Standing" the battle often plays out over the map's dunes while in "Capture the Flag", the map's long central trench connects one flag building to the other. Up top, the map's long sight lines offer vantage points for snipers which comes in handy in "Pilot Skirmish". 

In addition to a few more details about Sand Trap, the Xbox Wirerecently got new snippets about all three "IMC Rising" maps:

Zone 18 – The Robotics Lab
Zone 18 is a unique addition to Titanfall. You’ll notice that most of the roofs are the same height, forcing players to deviate from the strategy of getting to the highest ground. The decommissioned Hammond robotics factory is designed to force players into meeting each other; it’s more open and spacious than most other maps, making it the perfect field for Titans.

Backwater – The Bootlegging Colony
When you hear these moonshiners, you might think of the Appalachian Mountains, but the rice paddies of Backwater give the map more of an Asian feel. Expect a lot of elevation changes on this map, meaning lots of high points to gain the upper ground. But watch out for the large underground grain storage facilities, where pilots can escape and move between hardpoints. Hardcore Titanfall fans will recognize the map as part of the first concept art shown for the game!

Sand Trap – Desert Wasteland
The rolling dunes of Sand Trap are a playground for Titans, giving them ample space to wage battle. And buried in the sand in the center of the map is an old bunker, where pilots can take refuge from the Titans above, and fight each other. Trenches along the sides of the map provide quick wall-running pathways for pilots to move around on. But watch out: All that unrefined oil at the bottom of the trenches means instant death for anyone who misses a jump.Finally, the developers at Respawn will be taking gamers through the new "IMC Rising" maps tomorrow, September 23rd on their Twitch channel.

The "IMC Rising" pack for Titanfall is set for a drop later this year on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It will cost $9.99 (or your regional equivalent) or can be acquired as part of the Season Pass (containing the previous two map packs) for $24.99.

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