Friday, 12 September 2014

Two New Xbox 360 Bundles Announced

It's closing in on the Xbox 360's ninth birthday - and the Xbox One's first - but it seems Microsoft have no intent on slowing down when it comes to selling the (comparatively) old console. In what is almost a holiday tradition in itself at this point, Microsoft have announced two new bundles that will be available in stores from next week. 

First up, is the Holiday Value Bundle, which comes with a 500GB Hard Drive, a month of Xbox Live Gold and the two most recent games in theCall Of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II and will cost $249.

A special edition of this bundle will be available if you decide to buy the bundle from Walmart. Dubbed the Xbox 360 Special Edition Blue Bundle (straight to the point, I like it), it will contain everything from the Holiday Value Bundle but - as you may have guessed from the name - comes in "iconic" blue colour with Arctic blue accents. It will be the same price at $249 and will be available at Walmart from October 7th.

Finally, there is the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle. This one will comes with a 4GB Hard Drive, a Kinect, one month of Xbox Live Gold, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and Forza Horizon. Again, the price will be $249, however, in the United States at least, will only be available at Target.

All bundles will be available outside of the US, for anyone concerned, and should be available at your local retailer.

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