Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dying Light Review with SolaceConquest

Dying Light

How does Harran compare to Techlands first zombie infested lands of Banoi? Well, firstly the game has a familiarity about it that you can't shake off (not that its a bad thing). Secondly, theres a feeling of fresh life in the game as the breaths a new mechanic into the genre, Mirror's Edge style freerunning makes you play the game a lot more shrewedly at times. Retreating to high ground by climbing any legde by holding RB rather than hoping you'll find a ladder to climb up.
That being said, theres a similarity in zombie types too. Progression here isnt vast but the way they act is. This time you have more ways to lure zombies to their impending doom, using forecrackers of instance to either lure them away from a trapped survivor or in to the line of sights of a trap, traps themselves are alot more useful than before.
Graphically the game looks a lot more sharper than its older cousin (mainly because of the generation gap) and its engine eensers alot more beauty and fluidity that Dead Island had droves of but never capitalised on.
Then therea the level up system. This is where the older cousin gets his face pushed in to the dirt before being kicked in the ribs, the level up system is excellent. It works well with the progression you want from an fps/rpg. You can levels based on your actions, a generic player level for completing tasks/side quests/saving survivors and liberating safe zones for over night stay which in turn become skill points. Then you have agility which levels up by freerunning like you're young Ezio Auditore. Lastly, strength. You guessed it by bashing in the brains of anything that isn't friendly.
This time theres a little more going on too. Theres two factions fighting to survive and gain weapon/food/medicene drops that everyone desperately needs, meaning a more human threat too as well as the undead horde.
This is the start of a whole new chapter and hopefully the start of a brand new franchise that'll long reign.
Much improved from the developers previous titles. Much learned. And if you're brave enough to scout about early, much to enjoy and discover.


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