Sunday, 22 March 2015

Star Wars Battlefront to Debut at Star Wars Event

Faith in this game, misplaced it is not
Written by Ashley Woodcock (Dat Boi Treezy)  yesterday at 14:40
It's been a very short list for the news we've covered relating to Star Wars Battlefront. Originally announced back in 2013 at E3, we were promised to see more from the title in Spring 2015 and it looks like this promise will be followed through at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration event next month in Anaheim, CA.

Alongside the news of the upcoming display of content is a piece of concept art showcasing rebel soldiers taking cover as imperial troops seem to be taking the more aggressive approach in the intense battle. Take a long and hard look at the art as this may need to tide fans over for at least four weeks!

Star Wars Battlefront is still scheduled for a Holiday release this year. The celebration event takes place on April 16th through to April 19th.

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