Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Assassin Creed Victory

With Assassin's Creed Victory coming later this year. It got us thinking at Gamer2Gamer about where the series could go historically, if Desmond could return and co-operative play could be expanded.
The fans favourite is obviously Feudal Japan. What could be better than putting Shoguns with Assassins? The rich history of Japan giving us a great basis for a great Assasssin's Creed title.
I personally would love to see the Incas in Peru get a run out. They've been loosely tied in to the Assassin's lore a while ago, they could serve as the second God-like civilisation. Possibly granting a weapon against the now dormant Juno, who seems to have been forgotten about entirely by Ubisoft.
How about Ancient Greece? Troy seems ripe for the Assassin's Creed treatment, all the vagueness that Ubisoft love are there. Was the Trojans Templars? Or were they the last in a line of a great Assassin Brotherhood? Ultimately Troy wins that war with the founding of Rome. Another possible destination.

Desmond. A name that brings a lot of people mild annoyance. He moaned most of his way through AC and AC II, before becoming less annoying and even enjoyable as a character up until his death in AC III. But did he die? We know from Assassin's Creed IV that Junos rebirth didnt go quite as planned. Is Desmond actually in a kind of stasis that he may awake from? Or has he joined Lucy in the great brotherhood of the sky?
I prefer to think he wont return and we may even get a new Assassin born in Victory. Unity's animus fiend may make a good addition, although we never hear him speak.
A creation centre could be made for a modern day Assassin also, create your own, just like the paint by numbers Arno in Unity.

How does the Co-op work in Unity? Well, much better than Wolfpack on previous titles. But also not as good, as most co-op missions ended up being lag-ridden or had random players being booted from servers.
More modes.would be great in Victory. Murder mysteries could be expanded to incorporate co-op. Duo sluething good enough for you Holmes?
My personal favourite is one fans idea of epic multiplayer sea battles, like that at the end of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest' where players could help each other take out ships or act as a crew on board just one ship at a time. Each boarding and capturing seabound criminals/targets. Taking it in turns to captain the vessel also.

The China Chronicals is out now.
Victory is rumoured to land around September/October time.

Written by SolaceConquest

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