Thursday, 23 April 2015

Destiny House of Wolves 'No new raid'

No new raid will hit Destiny in House of Wolves.
But don't despair, like seeing Crota for the first time. There are new ways to gain levels.
First off, to balance difficulty, you can upgrade Vault of Glass and Crota's End armour to max stats to help with House of Wolves.
This means you won't have to keep changing armour sets.
Theres a weapon and armour upgrade whoch is most interesting too. You can upgrade guns to full stats of the new dlc by collecting resources and doing it by yourself rather than having to wait for Xur to sell the exotic upgrade. This also applies to Legendary weapons you're fond of, like Icebreaker. This immediately gives you the maximum power of the weapon.
The Gunsmith gets a new role too. At his work bench you can create new Legendary weapons. This will roll different stats each time. Meanong the same player won't always have the same version of the weapon.
Obviously there is a chance you ciuld end up with a rubbish weapon, but hopefully there is an reputation system that means higher chances of better weapon rolls.
Currency Exchange is also coming. The Speaker can turn your unwanted resources for Glimmer or Motes of Light. This also works the other way around. Motes of Light being exchanged for resources sounds like the most practicle use.
There is, however, a small fee applied to each transaction you perform. So, be careful with your money, guardians.

Written by SolaceConquest (G2G)

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