Wednesday, 29 April 2015

G2G:EVOLVED State of Decay Review

Zombies. Yes I am almost fed up with them too. Yet, when State of Decay was available to pre-order, I took it with both hands. The players returning from 360 get a discount on the day one edition (only availble to the first week of may), so naturally I wanted it.
Taking one of our favourite zombie games of last gen and porting it to Xbox One, had us worried. We thought they'd end up as awful as other ports of the same nature, but State of Decay defies those odds, it looks glorious on an Xbox One. It still has that perfect blend of diseased city and beautiful countryside that makes 'The Walking Dead' jealous. The social politics are still there and firing at 100% power. The sadness you feel everytime you die knowing that person is lost forever, is always there.
The game flows more fluid too. The glitches that were on 360 are polished out, the speed of the game is slightly more smooth, yet at a perfect balance with the real day and night settings. The whole game feels like the 360 version doesn't even exist.
Now the content. Both DLC packs 'Breakdown' and 'Lifeline' are included. But if you buy the day one edition you also earn the preppers pack.
The preppers pack comes in handy (for me it dod anyway). After I got the main man Marcus torn in half (literally) I called in the exclusive character through the walkie talkie to replace him. She isnt just solely available during the main campaign either. You can call on her during 'Breakdown'. There is also a weapon, a melee weapon and a few other goodies in there too. Each os just as useful as the other, which is rare for a day one add-on.
So, State of Decay is showing us remasters can work. It just as fun, sad and downright infuriating as the first tine round.
You feel the frustration of your characters and that isn't a bad thing, that inmersion.

State of Decay: Year One score 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Gameplay 9/10
Sound 8/10
Content 10/10

For fans of:
The 360 version
The Walking Dead
Social Dramas
Survivor Politics.

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