Monday, 20 April 2015

Has Capcom lost its way?

Capcom has got some stick over recent years. Resident Evil 6 was picked apart by fans who thought it was too action packed to be a true Resodent Evil game. Then Operation Racoon City flooped quicker than a fish drownong out of water.
Remember Me (although it is an amazing title) didn't sell as many copies as Capcom would have liked.
Infact the last Capcom game I can remember getting nothing but praisewas Marvel Vs Capcom 3. That was mainly as people enjoyed beating Iron Man up with Dante.
Then came the reboot, DmC. The game that seemingly reminded us that Capcom still had it. They still had the ability to churn out a title that was both true to its roots and incredibly fun to play.
Capcom is returning to form. Resident Evil Revelations 2 was another masterclass in regaining your fanbase. It had a better mox of the early horror titles in the franchise with Resident Evil 5's action style sequences (what Resi 6 failed to do).
But Xbox 360 did see the rather awful, Dark Void, a game so bad we don't actually think any of us know if someone who actually picked up a copy (except for myself). The game gave the last few years of Capcom's last gen existence a shabby end.

What next for the masters of horror?
Well, personally, Id love to see them have another crack at a game set in Remember Me's world. Nilin did suffer from the same personality disorder as Ubisofts Aiden (Watch Dogs), at least she got a transplant towards the end of the game and her story became much more interesting.
Another memory bending, mind jumbling and brain smashing storyline that could bring a new lease of life for what was actually an interesting new IP from last gen consoles.
Also, more Resident Evil like 3 and 4. Less Resident Evil like Racoon City. Capcom are finding their feet again. Making better titles and have made a good start to current gen consoles.

Written by SolaceConquest  (G2G)

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