Sunday, 19 April 2015

Should we get a free DLC for Destiny?

May 19th see the release of 'House of Wolves' which you can buy alone or part of the season pass along with the 'Dark Below' DLC.
This majoritively takes places from the Reef, where we gain a new social space, as well as a new storyline, Strike, weapons, gear and Raid.
But does Destiny owe its fans something more? Do we as a community deserve something back.
Some fans have been asking for some free DLC.
I explore what I could imagine it'd be if Bungie and Activision grant the go ahead.

A new raid? A free to download raid where players who havent brought the season pass can reach level 32 but players who have will gain an extra level. Id love for this to take part on the Reef itself.

New weapon types, new effects could be added to weapons bringing a wider range of gamestyles and game mechanics being deployed. This route would have to be careful in not going toe to toe with the legendary Borderlands.

MMO style mass Raid/Dungeon. Much like having a 16player social space. These could be massive realms of destruction where 3 teams of 6 can pair up to take down massive but marvelous creatures. Each gaining notoriety as they go down the Raid. The more notoriety the better gear tour team gets. A kind of PvP/PvE mash up.

Or just purely more mini storylines to keep the game base alive. Maybe weekly mega missions that will draw players in for the next installment of the series.

What would the community like to see if Bungie came up with some free DLC to dish out?

Written by SolaceConquest  (G2G:EVOLVED)

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