Saturday, 25 April 2015

Top five video games EVER

I've not been gaming as long as some people in the community but I have been lucky enough to some classics first time around.
So, I got thinking what are my personal top five games?
1. Goldeneye 007 (N64)
This is a game I couldn't wait for my brother to bring around every weekend.
The four player split screen meant him, my sister and I could play the multiplayer til the cows come home and even take it in turns to shoot the man on the toilet repeatedly in single player (we were only young, don't judge).
Goldeneye was the first shooter I'd ever played. It made me fall in love with shooters, a love only reinforced by the first 3 Call of Duties in a later generation. Ironically also nearly totally destroyed by that same franchise nearly 14years on.
Goldeneye will always have a place in heart for a warm childhood memeory.

2. Pokemon Blue/Red (Gameboy Colour)
I spent hours playing this (even trying to play it in the dark in the back of the car, unsuccessfully) this had everything in it that made the cards come to life. Everytime I chose Charmander. Everytime I made sure I caught Vulpix (I loved Ninetails) but it never got boring. I only stopped playing because my Colour broke.

3. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sega Megadrive)
Theres not much to say about this other than, it was pretty epic. A sidescroller that knew it was great. It showed them all how it was done and now might even be getting a remaster. Good times.

4. Condemned (Xbox 360)
A game so dark that you sometime has to squint to see. A game so brutal, jacked up Homeless guys would kill you with a lead pipe. Only weird thing is collecting dead birds. But I suppose every disgraced cop needs an past time.
If you never brought this, you should go pick it up now. 960G gamescore could be yours.

5. Super Mario (SNES)
Who could forget Mario? I left him last for a reason. The plucky little Itallian going to find his Princess, while fighting off a humanised Turtle. Whats not to love? This was the first EVER game I'd played. This I owe to my Uncle Ian, who have me his old console when I was poorly at a young age.
This started my love afair with games. Which has kept going today.
So, to you Mario, I say thank you for all the great years I have had with a game pad in my hands.

What is your favourite game? Let us know and you may feature in a community spotlight section.

Written by SolaceConquest

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