Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What we know so far........

"With Halo 5 around the corner, we look at what made Halo great. Look back at 343's triumphs with Halo 4 and how the new guardians of Halo may change the shape of the Halo landscape.
So 343 are at the helm with Microsoft for the fourth time now. They Brought us Halo 4, Halo CE anniversary, MCC and most awaited Halo 5.

In halo 4 we saw the awakening of the Spartan 117 from Cryo sleep and Cortana at his side and a new found threat round the corner. 343 gave us a new experience with Halo 4 as we saw cortana and her rampansy take control over as she deteriorated.
The new enemy, the promethines were a deadly new foe which took a the role of the main enemy within Halo 4 instead of the Covernent.

Then halo 4 came to a dramatic end when Cortana sacrifices herself for the Master Chief and the human race.
Now lost will master chief recover or lose himself to the emptiness inside of him.

We then saw 343 remaster halo 2 with the master chief collection. All four games on one disk exclusively for the XboxOne. Don't put me wrong, it sounds like heaven........but was it?. The campaign was great with some achievement issues. Multiplayer was unplayable for some time. Still there's alot to put on one disk and they were under alot presure.

So let's talk about Halo 5, we've seen that great superbowl ad with master chief in a cloak walking in the desert with cortanas chip in his hand.
Then next we see some giant bird type structure rise from under the dune. What is this...........

After that, we now have a new ad called #HUNTtheTRUTH.

It's comes across as two stories, one which Master chief being accused for his crimes against humanity and being hunted by Agent Lock.

The second is Master Chief Confronting Agent Lock and asking him, is it worth and is this what you wanted as he puts a gun to his head.

Then we have Halo 5  Multiplayer beta with the Master chief collection. It gave us a sneak peek of what's to come. We saw some new gameplay, weapons and the new armoured Spartans. The controls felt great, few late delays with shots and grenades. Nothing major really, I think alot of people played it via Master Chief Collection and Xbox Preview members got codes too.

This was a great online experience for alot of Halo fans, some might not of liked it. Still you will always get haters within the gaming industry.

So I'll leave this with you, what do you think will happen in Halo 5?

Will Master Chief recover from losing Cortana, will he find her and recover the data needed to bring her back?. Or will Agent lock hunt the Master Chief down and bring him in for his so called crimes against humanity.

Only time will tell..........I know one thing, I believe in 343 to bring us the best Halo storyline yet!!!

Written by Kingwhybrow  (G2G)

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