Saturday, 18 April 2015

XboxOne UK Deals

Xbox One has got an intriguing new deal coming its way.
If you haven't picked up the console this might be your time. Recently the console took a price cut down to £299.99 in the UK. Now theres an option to get the kinect-less version of the console and The Witcher 3 for £309.99, a massive discount on the Witcher 3.
The Kinect would be great as an add on later on. Nothing still quite beats the "Xbox on" trick from another room (just dont try to use it to impress a lady friend).
There is no US version of the bundle as yet. I'll have my hawk eyes keeping a look out incase one pops up.
The bundle is available to preorder at GAME now. 

Written by SolaceConquest 

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