Saturday, 2 May 2015

A G2G Tales of Tamriel: Book One Review

Curiously this isn't the average novelisation that you get to accompany most games. Most franchises get written versions of the game, blow-by-blow. This, however, is a little more interesting. 

Unlike your traditional novels, Tales of Tamriel give us in game text and lore as short stories and exerpts but inbetween there are short stories written as text you might find in the game world.

I'll be honest at £29.99 the hardback but beautifully encased book may be a little out of people's price range. But it is worth every penny. My favourite text by far is, 'Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant', this tells us the brief history of the covenant. How they form an alliance between Redguards, Orcs and Bretons to defend northwest Tamriel.

In the book also are some songs you may already know, if you've played The Elder Scrolls Online on PC, or played Skyrim. These are just as fun to read as the game text. Maybe just as fun to create you own music to them, bit I, unfortunately, do not have the skill. You get some real insights in to the world, the creatures section is the most engaging of them all. There is entries on spriggans (which I didn't really know much about apart from electrocuting them during the Skyrim campaign), Mudcrabs, even exerpts of Troll hunting. The texts really do implant images of hiw the game may look on PS4 and Xbox one.

There is also some exclusive artwork and concept art from the games original plans. Some are finely managed pieces of art which you can easily enjoy without reading the exerpt that goes with it. Yet, you'd be missing out on the information behind it. 'War of Two Houses' final masterpiece is a great example of the art work, during the Ebonheart Pace chapter of the book.

If you can't wait until the console release and Twitch streams of PC footage are no longer doing it for you. This will be the best time filler until this time. Joy on every page.

Overal - 9/10
Artwork - 9/10
Exerpts - 9/10
Songs - 8/10

Written by SolaceConquest

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