Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

  London. It is a city of former world power. The former head of a once massive Empire. Now, Assassin's Creed are taking us to this powerhouse, 1886 to be precise, the height of the Industrial Revolution. This is a time of importance, particularly for the working class. Through the advancements came squaller, came poverty, came disease and evem the most rich of areas had slums forming infront of their eyes.

  This is where Jacob Frye comes in. Frye has beem brought up an Assassin with his twin sister, but the creed (particularly in London) is on the decline to non existant. Frye wants to liberate the working class and make their lives better, taking back their futures from a tyrannical and rich Templar overlords.

  The game speaks volumes about the kind of man Jacob is. But then you see him in action, the kind of brash, imposing character, just like Edward, but more psychopathic in tendency. He has a new Assassin's gauntlet, which fires poison arrows and sports a hidden blade. But this one comes with a propelled rope dart. This helps in traversing the city walls faster and cleaner. Im sure we may have a use for it in combat too. The rope dart can also be used to creat ziplines in a creative attempt to perform assassinations.

  This all goes with the times, as we'll see vehicles in the game. Horse and carriage will give the player a faster way to get around london in real time, instead of constantly fast travelling like Arno. There is trains we can ride and fight on. Everything to make a new breathing world.

  The combat geta a bit of a shake up too. You. Iuldn't walk around waving a sword at people while saying "good morning kind, sir" like Ezio or Connor. So, swords are gone from character design, instead we have a hidden knife, pistol, throwing knives and (my personal favourite) a knuckleduster. This adds to a closeness that was lacking in other Assassin's Creed titles. Bit also gives you more of a tactical mind. In the demo we saw a liberation mission. Using a throwing dagger to take down the look out, air assassinating the second patrolman by stealth and then taking out the guard threatening our ally.

  The combat in hand to hand fights does resemble a drunken Edward a tiny bit, but it is more fluid and quicker in pace. The whole system has been sped up slightly to give another challenge in itself.

  Not clear from the premier was if the game would see co-operarive play return. Sources, such as IGN, have suggested the game is a return to the roots of the franchise being all single player. I hope it does go that way. The whole franchise needs to build from the ground up again after multiplayer was a flop and Unity (although the first to encoubter game breaking problems) stuttered out the gate like a horse with three legs.

  Assassin's Creed Syndicate is out 23rd of October and will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 

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