Sunday, 10 May 2015

Community spotlight #1

Via Google+

Response to '20 best games of your childhood'
Master Rain "It doesn't have Twisted Metal..."

Response to 'what games should I [Panta] stream?'
Alfred Castro "Batman for me"

Response to 'PS4 Project Cars Screenshots'
Milan Krstic "Looks Great. Forza finally has some competition"

Response to 'Star Wars Battlefront to ditch Iron Sight aiming'
Blake Greer "So, no squads, no iron sights, no aiming down sights, no classes, no space battles"

Response to 'Should you take the time to explore 'Ether One'?'
Jason Fontaine "I'm actually reevaluating this game, after finding the first memory fragment. S*** just got real."

Via Twitter

@King_Whybrow 'Star Wars Battlefront Pictures'
Nichoas Tan "Is that blood?"

@King_Whybrow 'The next 6 games you should buy'
Furyofthestorm "Trade The Witcher for Black Ops 3 and ESO with Tomb Raider and I'm in"

@SolaceConquest 'why are there so little female protagonists?'
Jerrikoe "I can't wait for Hellblade by NonjaTheory."

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