Saturday, 9 May 2015

Could Star Wars Battlefront destroy Battlefield Hardline's Deathstar?

  We've all read the news. Some people celebrated DICE's announcements. Some bemoaned it, saying it'll be worse than the multiplayer in recent Resident Evil games. Well, if we look at the latest Battlefield (in which DICE took part in developing the multiplayer) we may see how Star Wars moght shape up.

  First off lets get the basic mechanivs sorted. There is no optics in Star Wars (lets face it, Stormtroopers wouldn't know what they're for anyway), but interestingly, DICE have also left out the ability to use Iron Sights. Iron Sights are a core mechanic in most modern shooters, but the more old school shooters, think early DOOM, didn't use such skills. This lend to the games 'fresh start' feel. The game is supposed to give you a sense of fair play. There are no weapons that will give you an advantage over someone else.

  Slamming it for lack of imagination, like some Facebook users are doing, may be going a bit far. The idea of a class based system, to me, takes the fun out of being a useless white hunk of junk, who couldn't hit a bird with a missile. Maybe, you can unlock new versions of Stormtroopers later as an aesthetic pleasure. Maybe new equipment may upgrade some stats and make your character fun to play as.

  The single player was never present in the original games either. So, DICE is recreating the whole.experince we had before. Single player and Co-op based missions and side stories. Creating a different kind of challenge. Yes, this is how the original series' single player was made.

  So far the game looks to be a beautifully enginered masterpiece waiting to happen. Only time will tell, when we learn more about the game from now until November 17th when it is released worldwide.

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