Sunday, 24 May 2015

Destiny Trials of Osiris review

  Trials of Osiris, sounds good don't it? Unfortunately, it isn't. When the House of Wolves review was compiled, we hadn't had the chance to play the new PvP mode (because it is only available at the weekend), so we'd thought we'd give it its own review.

  Trials of Osiris is aimed at getting a more sports game mode in to the franchise. It succeed's but takes away any fun that would be had in a regular game of PvP. First up, there is no matchmaking in this 3v3 team up, so if all your friends have abandoned the game already, you have to rely on random strangers via the app to get teams.

  Next is the fact that people make sure they have two Thorns on their team (most OP gun in the world of Destiny) making the other team defenceless. Enjoyment could be had, if it wasnt elimination making it easy to win games as soon as one member gets killed.

  You get given tokens to complete also. 9wins without losing gives you a great bonus gift at the end. Lose 3 games and you lose your token and get a reward based on how many games you won. This is probably the best thing about this mode as it address' the problems of somebody doing all the work and getting nothing, while someone with a -2 K/D streak will get a Gjallhorn. Also, you can only get gear aimed at making you better for Osiris itself.

  The new mode is about as exciting as having a having Jason Voorhees as your dentist. Which is a shame because its fast paced dynamic should make it an instant win, but fails its fanbase in so many ways.

Overal 5/10
Gameplay 5/10
Enjoyment 4/10

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