Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fallout 4 - The world of Destruction

  We already know Bethesda can spin a tale or two. Fallout 3 was an epic adventure that we'll never forget. Especially that virtual reality that was done so perfectly that you may have had to play it all over again.

  Fallout 3's world was packed with collectables, quests and interesting places to visit. Nowhere was a dull location. This time I hope this game puts you in the shoes of someone with an already aparent unhealthy evil side during the main story. The choices reflected in Fallout 3 (like blowing up Megaton, come on you all did it) really made some interesting life choices, which if you kept being evil gave you a reputation. This needs to carry on to Fallout 4, the decisions bigger, more varied. New Vegas had some good ideas but the mechanics were really on show in Fallout 3.

  These could go well with, for example, the mechanics of 'Life is Strange' or 'Shadow of Modor' where your decisions really could screw you over later on or become the best decision ever (even if it is evil).

  The world was always desolate yet beautiful in all the Fallout games. With the power of PS4 and Xbox One, these could look even better. We could even see a bigger map. Hope to see more cities, I'd love to see a versions of multiple cities accross various states. The power to choose which city should have the power at any given situation, switching between loyalties like a moth to flames. This would (hopefully) be an improvement on the end game decision of New Vegas, where most people didn't really bother to explore all the endings.

  More open areas where players could possibly travel by horse or car, think RAGE, customisable vehicles that'd get you there faster. Having to travel everywhere on foot in Fallout games is fun but time consuming. Giving us a bit more freedom could make the world feel a little more alive. By this point you might be asking "Hang on a minute! Isn't that just Borderland's little trick?" Although you'd be kind of right, at the same time, RAGE's mechanic for vehicles could be a new lease of life for the best thing about a lacklustre game.

  Lets go back a bit. I would love for a few new things to do. Side missions are fun and all, bit collectables, you have to be that way inclined to want to seek them out. So, the best improvement could be more mini games, death races, battle arenas, sideshows and monster hunting.

  Monster hunting is a personal thing I'd like to have. Every so often you can visit set areas where you may get tasked with taking down a super-behemoth, or even a mutated friend who you can either kill or try to lure back to town for a cure. The latter could end up with you going back to the town after a couple of days only to find ot destroyed and a new quest available to track down and kill the new mutation.

  A world where beauty and desolation meet, a big enough world to visit multiple major cities, traveling by mutant horse or a junk car. A varied style of collectables, not just collecting bobbleheads bit also killing monsters in 'monster hunts' to show off your trophies from them to people for bottlecaps and admiration.

  Lastly, I'd be silly not to mention them, New Vegas got them oh so wrong. . .


  Companions were great, they'd be there for you in a fight, but why not go the extra mile this time? Have them in part of the narrative? Even they can give you quests, or when you visit a city, you can get them to go off and find rumours that may lead to more new and exciting locations. Making them just as important as the other. Certain ones could even pop up during the missions with their own personal demons. Give them Mass Effect style commands during fights, like flanking or charging in, holding back and sniping from a distance.
Being able to kit them out more in depth will be most useful.

  Will we see Fallout 4 at E3? We'll find out soon, leaks and reports have kind of ruined some of the magic, let's hope Bethesda can still blow us away, like they always have done.

Written by SolaceConquest

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