Saturday, 13 June 2015

G2G Interview with Insert Coin

Every thought of Wearing the best gaming merchandise?. Well insertcoin has you covered with the latest clothing from the world's leading game developers.
We have been honoured at G2G:Evolved to get a exclusive interview with Dan from Insertcoin to talk about the company and what goes on with behind the sense.

Kingwhybrow: Insertcoin is the worlds leading name in high quality official gaming apparel, producing stylish tees and hoodies inspired by the video game industry. How long did it take Insertcoin to where they are today?

Insertcoin: Well, we're five years old and - as with any company - we're still on a journey. In the future, we want to be able to offer even more choice to our community - more products, more types of products and more games represented. As with anything, it's not really the time involved, but the huge amount of effort that our team put in every day. Luckily that hard work has been noticed - not only by gamers, but by the industry itself - and that helped us continue to grow year-on-year.

Kingwhybrow: Can you you tell us about some of your best projects you have been involved with?

Insertcoin: We're lucky to work with so many different developers and publishers, so it's pretty tough to choose a favourite. It sounds corny, but every project is exciting to work on - albeit in different ways. Some put us at the forefront of a new adventure (such as our involvement with Playtonic's Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter), others mean we work with some of our heroes (such as the Kojima production team signing off our MGS designs). Every project has its own unique experience and we love every second.

Kingwhybrow: How do you do promote your products, just via your site or from the big name websites?

Insertcoin: For us, most promotion is via word-of-mouth and social media. People love our products and word spreads quickly - especially online. We've got a fiercely loyal community and they've definitely been a key part of our continued success.

Kingwhybrow: What is insertcoins favourite character of all time? Maybe you could ask the team to vote and let us know.

Insertcoin: Oh, we'd never be able to settle on just on character - there are far too many to choose from... we wouldn't even know where to start! That's the wonderful thing with videogames; there are so many fantastic characters, so many wonderful moments and breathtaking locations - it's got everything you could ever want.

SolaceConquest: How much of  the design is your own hand or do the developers have a direct say in what they want?

Insertcoin: All designs are developed by our own in-house creative team. Some elements are supplied by the studios, others have to be created from scratch. As with all good things, our products are the result of a great team effort. We work closely with the people responsible - for example, Yoji Shinkawa helped on our Psycho Mantis tee - and through those partnerships, we can continue to make awesome designs.
SolaceConquest: Is there certain game titles you'd like to make styles for but haven't yet been able too?

Insertcoin: We're always adding new games to our roster. We've been very lucky to have partnered with some incredible companies - and that's enabled us to make designs for the games we love. We have lots more lined up for the coming years already - and we can't wait to start talking about them all!

SolaceConquest: How did you get to talking to developers about producing high quality products for their titles?

Insertcoin: To be honest, it's a natural process. Sometimes we approach a company, other times they approach us. Either way, it is through mutual respect and creative vision that we move forward into making actual products. It's our continued reputation for creativity and offering something different that makes us stand out from the crowd - and that's something we're very proud of and will continue developing for many years to come.

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