Tuesday, 12 May 2015

G2G Interview with TimDog

KingWhybrow: Tim, would you give us a updated information on what you been up to recently?

TimDog:  First off just wanted to thank you King for interviewing me, you are a great journalist and I hope this goes along way with you.   Onto the question, recently been doing podcasts on  on Thursday night with Dustin Vern Mike and the great Steve Rulez, as well as the #BGST podcast on Sunday with Zaire, Crapgamer, Showstopper, Mooch & sometimes the Great worrywart.   Talking xbox daily on Twitter and trying to push the envelope for fans to get the most out of Microsoft and team Xbox.

Kingwhybrow: E3 is round the coner, whats the main thing your looking forward too?. Maybe your going there?

TimDog:   Yes am going, cant wait to chill with the Xbox team Aaron, Phil, Major Nelson, and hopefully get to meet the man the Legend the XBOSS.   Also would like to meet Kudo, but above all else am greatly appreciative to get this chance and it is going to be a memory of a lifetime, so pumped and ready to celebrate Xbox victory with Long Island Ice Teas in the Great LA area.

Kingwhybrow: What is your Gamer and Trophies Score?

TimDog:  Am currently about 11k on xbox one, I changed my gamertag to ProjectNatalFan a few years ago from I believe Timdog76?   Def can say a bit low score, but I own 100 digital xbox one games, i play them all, or try them all out, but certain catch me.   I finish Ryse, Ori, Sunset Overdrive, Madden full season, D4, and in process of closing Max, Dying Light and a few others.   As for ps4 I really havent played much, I actually share my ps4 with a guy named Bunga, so he actually gets trophies for my account since we had to make his ps4 primary on Timdogg76 PSN account to make him play it in Kansas City.   I actually played a little of Infamous, have purchased Order and Bloodbourn and hope to play them whenever i get the time.   Both are worth owning this generation, just I guess as an older gamer the xbox with its TV intergration and evolution in addition to the games make me prefer it.

Kingwhybrow: So we all know you've been playing the XboxOne and PS4, but could you tell us the best game you've played on each so far?

TimDog:  Well my best game on Xbox One is Sunset Overdrive, unfortunately I have heard it didnt well well and a sequel is unlikely, to me that stinks, if anyone is reading this and wants a great game and hasnt tried Sunset overdrive, do yourself a favor and get it and play it.   As for the ps4, the best game on the system is Bloodbourn, played infamous, and a bit of MLB the show, but its pretty obvious that BloodBourn is going to be the best game I will play on the ps4 until Uncharted 4 comes out.

Kingwhybrow: Both consoles have had major updates since day one. Would you like to see any other updates?

TimDog: Well for Xbox one I want FamilyShare for sure, or something in which they had plans when DRM was a thing, i own a 100 digital games, i share with family, my nephews, i own 4 xbox ones, i want the ability to share my content, I know Phil said at one time its on the roadmap, im just hoping sooner than later.   I think xbox  really pushing the limits on updating, monthly updates is a huge deal and it evolves xbox each and every month, and i think that has a carryover affect to ps4 which also has had some really good updates like Shareplay, text to speech,  and some other cool stuff.

Kingwhybrow: Tell us abit about the controllers, any favourite's, or would you change certain things to them?

TimDog:  I love both both controllers, i think they are both amazing, perfer the xbox one controller a tad more because of its controller life, but I do like things on DS4 such as the speaker.  So if i could change one on xbox one it would be to add a speaker, and for the DS4 i think its main issue is to maybe cut down that light and or increase battery life.   Both really nailed it this gen tho.

Kingwhybrow: How many hours do you put into gaming each week?

TimDog:  I usually put in about 4 hours a week, depending on the week or a new release it could go up to 10 to 15, i work full time, have family, friends, spend alot of time on twitter bugging Phil for xbox stuff.  Also 39 years of age, so playing 7 hours straight like I used to just doesnt happen,  usually after 2 hours Im tired,   I think im the only person my age that I know that is into videogames still.   At a dinner party with friends I cringe telling people this is a huge hobby of mine lol...  My wife is usually making fun of me for it, oh well, Games4lyfe...

Kingwhybrow: Do you like getting updates and interview from G2G:Evolved?

TimDog: yes love it, I knew you originally from TIC, and always was a huge fan of yours,   so yes i love reading your articles, updates, and seeing Phil retweeting you is great since I know he is a big fan of yours.

Kingwhybrow: Who's your your favourite character of all time?

TimDog: Master Chief, and I hate Locke the most of all time...

You can Follow Tim on Twitter @PNF4LYFE


  1. Wow this guy is a fraud, a Gamerscore just under 11k is not something you would expect for someone who is so vocal in the Xbox community! What was he doing during the 360 generation? And he's going to E3??? Astro turfing has its benefits it seems!

  2. Haaaa haaaa! Tim Dog, Fraud4Lyfe, corporate slave and Microsoft exec stalker.
    11k Gamerscore!
    4 hours gaming per week!
    That tell you everything you need to know about how good Xbox One is.