Tuesday, 19 May 2015

G2G LIFELESS Planet Review

Premier Edition
Size: 1.11GB
Released on 13/5/15
Players: 1 XboxOne

I've always wanted to go into space :) 

Lifeless Planet starts off with a astronaut sent into space to seek life on other planets, on your journey you crash land on a unknown world. After crash landing, you must then seek oxygen to support to life support system and find away to get home.
You find strange Russian equipment everywhere and shortly descover a mysterious women........

Lifeless Planet is a platform adventure and with many puzzles to overcome, Levels in the game are linear but fun. The gameplay difficulty increases as you progress. It has core puzzles that increase on regular basis. This makes even the most simple games devilish. 

Graphics and sound:

Lifeless Planet uses the Unity Engine, it looks good on the XboxOne. Some good moments when you see the surroundings. When the games reaches dark areas, it can be really hard to see even with the flash light. Overall the game looks the part for a Xbox Arcade type 

The music is the Astronauts suit and voice, plus you get the occasional erary music that sets the tone of the game. 

Overall the game is really fun to play and addictive. I enjoyed roming the vast levels and looking for the rock samples you can find lying around. I really tryed to complete the game under four hours but I couldn't. So that means I just need to keep playing the game and to stay alive through the whole experience again.

Yes the games worth picking up, there's nothing really this this on the XboxOne at the moment. Plus the story is really good, Stage 2 Studios really made this game well and additive to play.

Story: 8/10
Gameplay 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Music 7/10
Review Written by Kingwhybrow

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