Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How to improve Watch_Dogs

  Watch_Dogs. A game about neither watches or dogs. Frankly, hackable robotic dogs would be awesome to have as a pet to go down the park with. The game was slapped about something fierce by half the gaming community, the other half enjoyed being able to hack everything.

  We kind of fall inbetween the two groups. We both enjoyed playing it but hated the story. So, how do we improve a game like Watch_Dogs. Well, for starters, we need more things to hack, maybe be able to enter more buildings, not just snoop on people through their webcams either exercising or having arguments.

  Entering buildings and annoying general riff raff is but a fly on the wall compared to what the game really needs. A story where we can have an protagonist that is able to have a personality. Someone we can either enjoy playing as or can even relate too. It was hard to relate to a character that spent most of his time talking like a Harry Enfield sketch. More side cases, the side cases are arguably the best thing about Watch_Dogs, the Murder Mystery was engaing if missing a little bit of the depth of say Batman Arkham Cities version of these types of missions. Weapons trade missions/collectibles were a little less interesting but nevertheless made a good side mission.

  A bigger world, Chicago was okay, but the film noir feel that Ubisoft seemed to be edging towards got washed out in almost constant rain, which made the game dreary and dull. The idea was a good one but in a game as long as Watch_Dogs, an open world, it becomes uninviting and loses your interest.

  The multiplayer should have some kind of Co-op mode too. It would bring an extra dimension. The multiplayer needs the most love. Mostly 1 v 1 modes where you either have to invade and follow a target or invade and hack a target without being spotted, in which case you have to escape them. The perks often make this annoying to play, if a player gets a lot of points on multiplayer and gain all the skills. It gets to a point where they are virtually undefeatable. Although this is a good idea to give good players perks. It shiuld also give players counter perks. Kind of like Battlefield Hardlines hackers in Multiplayer.

Watch_ Dogs would need a lot of work, but Ubisoft is a studio who can vastly improve on disapointment. The Assassin's Creed franchise has suffered a few set backs, but always comes back stronger in the next title. 

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