Monday, 11 May 2015

Is it the end of Konami?

  A world without Konami would be like a world without Bacon. Sure, the first few days will be unbearable but then you'd get hunger pains that could only be satisfied, breifly, by savagely tearing apart a pork joint. Such is the fate of Konami. Silent Hills was cancelled a little while ago now, making us all wonder why, in slack jawed disbelief.

  Then came the announcement that Konami had voluntarilly removed itself from the stock exchange in New York. Is it a financial problem the company have? Well, it is hard to tell, you could say it all started with the departure of a familiar name, but even that situation is still clouded in mystery and suspense.

  It is even sad that a game like Pro Evolution, which is always second fiddle to EA's Fifa, does better than an release of Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill. A company can not survive on one title alone. Is this another reason they could be going down hill? The rumours may be true about Konami struggling to find a foothold through its titles, however, retails have reported that MGS in particular has a healthy amount of pre-orders off the back of 2013's snippet 'Ground Zeroes'. From this, we saw that ot was returning with a triumph. Then came the rumours it may be the last one altogether. With that and the seemingly difficult times that may be ahead of Konami, it doesn't paint a picture of hope.

  Let us hope we don't start seeing Konami sell off big licenses such as Silent Hills, which signed THQ's death warrant.

  Time will tell if we see another fall out. I for one wish Konami don't go. I love Silent Hill and MSG, this can't be the end.


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