Thursday, 14 May 2015

MARVEL Future Fight

How many games have you played on your phone and thought, "meh, not what I was looking for" and uninstalled the game after a few tries? For me, the number of said games must be in the hundreds. But here comes Netmarble's MARVEL Future Fight and tries to get some of my attention. And it didn't even try hard and was successful. Let me tell you this first off, I have finally found the game I was looking for.

I recently read a short article on a gaming website that there is a new Marvel game on the Play Store and the App Store. I was not expecting anything special and am more of an DC Comics fan than I am a Marvel fan, nevertheless, I just tried my luck finding a game for my phone that was something I could enjoy in the rare instances I'm not playing something on one of my consoles or the PC.

MARVEL Future Fight is an RPG in which you need to collect heroes and villains in order to fight back the invasion of evil heroes from another dimensions brought in by the hands of the bad guys like Ultron and the Kingpin. So let's get into the review.

What I like about the game:

The game is complex in a certain way, not much on an intellectual level, more like, there is so much shit to do. I have never seen such a depth with that kind of perfect and understandable way of presentation. All the other games I have played on my phone were so confusing. This on the other hand shows you by just playing the story that there is much more to the game as you initially thought. You can't replay the game enough, and I have spent many, many hours of nights I should be sleeping, playing the game and forgetting time. A big plus for contents and presentation.

The graphics are wonderful. I didn't know how capable my phone was to show until I started the game. The 3D comic art graphics are very nice to look at, the design of menu screens and sprites are beautiful and suitable for a Marvel game.

The music, even though not really varying, feels just like in a Marvel movie. You have some electronic, dub step, and film music elements and they fit perfectly with the gameplay and surroundings of the story and time.

The story, which I had no expectations whatsoever, is pretty good. There you are with the Avengers, fighting against the evil (as always) who found a way to bring in the bad selves of heroes from other dimensions to fight alongside the villains. The dialogues are funny and easy to read as I expected of a game based on comic books.

What I am neutral about:

The controls feel sometimes a bit clunky and the character moves sometimes, for my taste, a bit too quickly and makes movement in levels look very odd. It's not really bad, since when you played a mission and gained three stars (all of your team member survived) you can play the game in Auto Play+, which controls the character, attacks enemies, and uses skills automatically. That makes it easy when you are in need of some items and want to loot them over and over again, just like in every RPG. For every team member lost in a mission you lose a star, having only one or two stars lets you play the game in Auto Play only, meaning your character will be controlled and attacks but will not use skills.

What I don't like about the game:

The sound effects are just awful. I really don't understand how the music can be so wonderful and at the same time you have sounds that sound like they have recorded in a bathroom while somebody is literally pooping the shit out of him. Sometimes I really get annoyed by the sound effects only, mainly because they are only so many so the same sounds get repeated again, and again, and again... argh, stop it, B!

The battery consumption of the game is enormous. Watch out, I always play the game while charging. Makes no sense to play it otherwise. Also the back of my phone gets really, really hot. So breaks every few half hours or so are recommendable.

The wrap-up:

The pros are outweighing the cons by a long shot in MARVEL Future Fight and I can say, this is my favorite mobile game in a long time. I will have many more nights (and days when I supposed to play the game anyway :D) playing the game, smashing machines and bodies left and right, grinding all the way to the top of the leader boards and leveling up my heroes and villains to fight against the army of other dimensions. You can get the game for free for your iPhone or Android device, and you should get it. Try it, maybe you have just as much fun as I have.

Released: May 6, 2015
Developer: Netmarble Games
Genre: RPG
System: Mobile
Price: Free
Available: Play Store, App Store

Written by JerriKoe

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