Saturday, 30 May 2015

Matt thinks Season Passes are bad for us, agree?

  Season Passes, the very mention of them make people go crazy. They make me slightly angry, companies want to give us the best experience possible, but is a season pass really the best way to do it?

  Batman Arkham Knight has already had its season pass announced, with still just under a month to go before its release, "You will be immediately be able to play as Batgirl" the tagline read, only for my heart to sink. There are bits missing before it is released. At £35 it is also a kick in the southern regions of my being.

  Don't get me wrong not all companies do them and produce some amazing content. Bioware produce some great content, most recently 'The Jaws of Hakkon' for Dragon Age Inquisiton, was a great piece of DLC for £11.99. Others get it wrong Destiny constantly gets abuse for us paying £35 of our hard earned money and then people found out the two 'bonus' campaings were already on the disc at some point. Glitching in to areas that Bungie tried to keep secret.

   Recently DLC is actually quite difficult as a rule to get right. Someone somewhere will get upset about it. The you look at CD Projekt Red, The Witcher 3 has been vastly successful, 18 free DLC's and half of those are things they wanted to add before release bit couldn't finish in time. Then there is the season pass. But does the free DLC make you think the pass is worth it. Well, different to other passes, it does guarantee 'a flying version of Roach' as a bonus for buying or 'this super cool armour' for forking out £19.99.
  Instead they said buy this and we promise to deliver two DLC's that offer at least 30 hours of new gameplay between them.

  Doing a season pass shouldn't be just a trendy way to keep making people think they'ee saving money on the DLC, when they're saving very little. It isn't just CD Projekt that got it right. Bethesda with The Evil Within was a good one to pick up with three bits of DLC included, including a chance to play as the villain. This was also out of character for the company behind Skyrim and Fallout. True the season pass didn't come in to full swing until after Skyrim was originally released but Bethesda always seemed to keep away from these deals.

  £15-20 seems to be the maximum that gives the gamer complete satisfaction of having been given something for their money. I feel the time of the season pass is over, we should be able to chose which DLC's we buy and when, especially in a culture where trade ins are rife and people don't always hold on to titles for a long period of time.

  Could we see the end of season passes anytime soon?


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