Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mirada studios accidentally confirm Fallout 4.

  A few months back you may remember the hype of a certail game getting a huge boost as Bethesda announced it'd be doing their first ever E3 conference this year. That, of course, was Fallout 4.

  We've not had a spiritual successor to Fallout 3 for quite sometime, with many dismissing New Vegas as not being a 'real' Fallout game.
  Now it seems that Mirada studios (the company behind the advertisment of the title) have confirmed its existence, with just about a month to go before the biggest gaming show on the calendar. A while back an artist from the studio had posted on his LinkedIn CV that he'd worked on a "Fallout 4 Cinematic trailer" from December 2014 through to March of 2015. This is where it starts to get interesting. As Mirada themselves have no stepped out the shadows and said they never signed off on letting this information out.

  Destructiod reported that Mirada Studios had confirmed they'd bot signed NDA to say that the cinematic trailer could be spoken about in an public domain.

  NDA's (if you aren't familiar with them) can not exist unless there is a project to protect. If they have signed an NDA with Bethesda, then this is confirmation of the newest Bethesda title a month early. Ofcourse, Bethesda may have called it for an entirely different reason, but this is looking less likely now.

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