Sunday, 3 May 2015

The next 6 games you should really buy:

1: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  Wolfenstein got an amazing rebirth at the hands of MachineGames. It did everything slightly different to 'mainstream' shooters, while keeping the gore and even (somehow) the feel of some of the older games in the feanchise. Expect more mayhem in this prequel to the events of The New Order.

2: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
  This is the final Witcher game in the series. It promises an extravagent, explosive ending to Geralt's story. If you've never played a Witcher game. Go back and dig out your 360 and learn the game mechanics, they're brutal to learn but CD Projekt have said they're making it slightly more accessible this time around.

3: The Elder Scrolls Online
  Whaaa, went those who didn't like that Destiny was always online, still not fully grasping an MMO like Elder Scrolls needs to be online. If you like single player more, you can play totally alone or form a guild in this incredible take on Tamriel, that already looks beautiful on PC.

4: Batman Arkham Knight
  Another 'last in the series' kind of deals. RockSteady are ready to move on, making the game the last Batman Arkham game they will do. This time, it is pretty much an open world, with more villains. Batmobile you say? Colour me interested.

5: Halo 5
  Okay, so four had a weak Multiplayer, once you realised they'd taken everything that made Reach great and ruined it. This time. Its closer to Bungie's style of MP though. Which will never be a bad thing. This story with Locke is also looking 100% more interesting than Chiefs last outing, where he seems to have caught a bad attitude.

6: Star Wars Battlefront
  Finally! We get to play this gem of online beauty again. Fans went mental at the prospect of DICE becoming the wardens of the new title, as they've proved how good their MP is from the Battlefield series. Lets go get some Imperials!

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