Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Witch is loose

  You may be reading a lot reguarding The Witcher lately. Some reviews are being released along with screens from CD PROJEKT Red. This is the final journey and this time Geralt may not be searching for an Assassin or a political nightnare. This time, he's searching for his love.

  The most exciting part (for me anyway) is killing the legendary monsters that inhabit the world around Geralt. Fiends, Giants, Leshens (think Pan from Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth) and Harpies. Screens of these have made people giddy with the prospect of shoving a blade or a crossbow bot in the face of them.

  Like a true RPG the game does encourage you to wander. Which is always a good thing to do in Witcher games. The lore you can find alone can be as interesting as any fight with a Harpy. The decisions are there, you will end up qestioning yourself as well as Geralt's reaction.

  These choices can affect you in very different ways. The game plays out differently for me, as it would for you. Which is fine as a Witcher game never ends in a sing song and people riding off merrily in to the sunset. You also now have the choice to ignore an event. Normally in games this isn't a bad thing. You ride on by and nothing more is said about it, but in The Wild Hunt, if you ignore something, there could be an unforseen consequence. Sometimes they could be good but maybe, just maybe, you could have prevented a murder and saved a life.

  There are no loading screens, you can travel between maps effortlessly. This makes it a living, breathing world that keeps you exploring. The map is bigger too, so you can kill, drunk and hunt down sex scenes to your hearts content.

  Speaking of sex. Geralt is once again rather fond of the beast with two backs. So, get used to ranchy scenes, quickly.

  Now, some publications (lucky enough to have played the game already) have reported bugs and glitches that aren't gamebreaking, but can be a little annoying. Others we've seen have suggested there is no bugs in the game. Whatever the truth, we'll find out on Tuesday, but PROJEKT Red are normally really good at fixing problems fairly quickly. So, don't let these reports deter you.


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