Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Things to do in Wolfenstein The Old Blood

  This standalone Prequel asks many confusing questions upon completion, but how should you spend your time with the game?

  Being a sneaky American - stealth is sometimes near impossible. But when you get it right its rewarding. Not only does stealth killing 20 commanders get you a permenent bonus, it gives you satisfaction that you got to him without the numskulls guarding him a scare.

  Find the secret rooms - the secret rooms are often in places only slightly off the beaten trail of the mission and can get you in behind annoying units to dispatch them quickly. The best one give you gold bars as a reward for your cleverness.

  Find the letter collectables - this ones mainly for lore fiends (like myself). I hunt every corner to immerse myself a bit more in Bethesda's worlds. Lets face it, any company they team up with gets good at creating these. Machine Games are no exception. The collectable letters not only net you two achievements but give you an insight in to the lives of main characters.

   Complete all nightmares - nightmares are a new addition to the series, go to sleep in a specific area and you enter the classic game world of the PC era. Find a key, kill every thing in sight and get out. So much fun and you get torelive memories, even if it is only for 20minutes.

  Challenges - these are new too. Upon completion of a map, or in some cases finding the secret room also unlocks it, you unlock challenges. These are harder versions of the mission maps. These aren't really for the feint of heart as it throws the kitchen sink at BJ's bulbous head. You get rewards for every threshold you beat. So get beating those highscores, soldier!

  Blow up a man - you get a new weapon around half way though, which combines the pistol with a grenade launcher. These are most effective against larger opponents to weaken them quicker, but lets face it, it is more fun to be truly sadistic.


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