Monday, 4 May 2015

Watch_Dogs 2 Confirmed?

  Watch_Dogs 2 might be a real thing! Watch_Dogs wasn't recieved well by the entire gaming community, Aiden having the personality of a teddy bear didn't help matters and the lacklustre story gave made most people give up.

  Personally, I enjoyed it, the story might be short, Aiden might be boring, but there are lots of things to do within Chicago. If Ubisoft bring these back and make them a bit more engaging this would be great.

  The Multiplayer needs a bit of love too. It was fun but most players played with the multiplayer turned off.

  Let us all remember that Watch_Dogs is an original IP and as such the second can only be better. Lets hope for an exciting new game. Next year we could be hacking people's webcams to see the inside of their appartments.


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