Monday, 11 May 2015

With great power comes more DLC.

  It is a part of the industry that many resent. DLC. Their main gripe is that all content should be included. In particular, its the season passes that most gamers have a problem with. Destiny's was no exception. The first two parts to the season pass were actually on disc content omited from the final product. But now there are new details coming out about the new DLC coming for Destiny for a september launch.

  House of Wolves is all well and good. It gives an extra port in the Reef and centres a new story of betrayal by The Fallen to the Queen of the Reef. No new raid though, this lead to a whirlwind of speculation that another DLC was on the horrizon.

  Then a reddit user spotted an interesting sigil from Destiny and a patented name "The Taken King". The sigil looks like a banner from inside the moon's core. Where the beasts known as The Hive lurk in the shadows.

  Now, this will be Bungie's first full blown adventure to add to Destiny. Rumours signal new planets and exploration zones on Earth and the Moon. Also, a new Raid. "Hold on a minute!" You may be shouting through your computer screens "we already had a Hive raid" and you'd be correct. So, speculate what you want about a new raid, also if there is another mission variant like 'The Prison of Elders'? We can only hope that this time, the DLC brings more than a few weeks worth of gameplay, a longer more engaging storyline, possibly more indepth side quests.

  It needs to feel more like an MMO. At the monute it is another FPS thats always online. Lets flesh out the MMOFPS a little bit more.

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