Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Review (Xbox One)

  Prequels. A phenomenon that normally equates to a better version that the original. Unless that thing is Star Wars (queue angry comments). Yet, Wolfenstein manages to be both better and more annoying than The New Order.
  The core mechanics are still the same, which means there is a familiarity to it. You can pick it up and play. The difference is its length. The game is a little, okay, a lot shorter than The New Order. But with that comes a new addition that fits in. Finding certain secret areas/pieces of Gold gains you challenge maps, that you must Complete to get your 1000G. That is the annoying part. Finding them can get annoying, yet others are in parts of the map that you can easily mistake for mission progress. But the maps themselves are alot of fun. They don't take away from the main game, like other games have managed and they slot nicely in to the game. Just like Batman Arkham Asylum.

  The game itself takes place as you and another undercover operative, a British spy called Wes, infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein. Essensially (for old school gamers) this is Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but set in the past. This quickly escalates from a recon mission to a mission of escape and survive. Which is a lot of fun, bit on harder modes, this game punishes you quicker, alot quicker, than The New Order. One mistake means you have to carve your way back through 20 Nazi soldiers. Again. And again. And again.

  The weapons are a little more intersting (although very similar to the low end weapons of The New Order). My favourite is the Sniper, this can take out a shotgun soldier out in one hit by hitting their gas tank. It can also take out a fully clad tank of a man in a minimum of five well placed shots. The weapons are just as great this time around. The weapon wheel is back and better than ever. Duel weilding still works like a well oiled engine. The pistols still give you the option to be as stealthy as you can.

  Stealth action is back and is blended perfectly with all out action which escalates in a flurry of weapon fire, like kicking a hornets nest. If you weren't a fan of the stealth first time around. Get ready to be severely annoyed, as the entire first chapter is stealth based and half the second is too. But boy is it still fun, the first chapter gives you a sense of impending doom everytime you get spotted bur the dumb AI is often very easy to trick in to thinking you've vanished.

  There is an improvement in save files. So, if you wanted to hunt down the collectables on the easiest mode without compramising you're über run, you can, as Machine Games have provided us with three. In the form of collectables also comes Nightmares! These are in every chapter and cast BJ in the original levels of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Playing these gave myself a sense of Nostalgia, which I thoroughly enjoyed (sometimes a bit more than the actual gameplay of the prequel).

  It is a very annoying, yet beautifully constructed game. It looks a lot nicer than The New Order graphically and runs a lot smoother. It is available on PSN and Xbox Live for £14.99 now. Or you can wait a couple of weeks after the release date of May 5th and buy a physical copy.

Overal: 9/10
Grpahics: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Difficulty: 9/10
Soundtrack: 5/10
Content: 8/10


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