Thursday, 14 May 2015

You can't reinstall The Elder Scrolls Online

  Bethesda and Zenimax Studios confirmed today that The Elder Scrolls online will use a PC based concept of having a one time use Key. MMO's have been doing this on PC for years and now ot will translate in to a console market.

  The key will gaurentee you the game on your console, but it also means you can't trade ot in once you've used the code. In a world where console gamers are used to trading in games if A. They don't like the game and B. They don't want it anymore. Will this affect day one sales?

  I for one want to buy it still. I've missed a proper MMO since coming over from PC gaming a fair few years ago. It is also why I love Neverwinter so much.

  The gamr launches on 9th June. Let us know what you think about the news.

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